Kenya’s Director of Public Prosecutions seeks life sentence for ivory Trafficker

Kenya’s Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) now wants convicted ivory trafficker, Feisal Mohammed imprisoned for life.

In an appeal to the High Court, the DPP wants the 20-year jail term handed to Mr Ali to be enhanced to life imprisonment.

"The DPP wants Feisal's 20 years substituted with life imprisonment," said State Principal Prosecutor Alex Jamii.

Mr Jamii submitted the DPP's wish yesterday, as he filed an appeal in which he said the State would demonstrate that Ali ought to live in jail for the rest of his life.

Jamii added that the magistrate who jailed Ali for 20 years and set free his co-accused was lenient on him.

Under the law, those found guilty of ivory trafficking are liable for a life term in jail. Illegal possession attracts a minimum of five years.

Just last week, Feisal Mohammed went to court to appeal his 20-year jail term claiming that the court convicted him on the basis of mere suspicion.

According to Feisal’s lawyer, Gikandi Ngibuni, Feisal was made the sacrificial lamb so as to appease the public.

Feisal was sentenced to 20 years in prison with a fine of Sh. 20 million by Shanzu Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache after being found in illegal possession of ivory valued at Sh44 million.

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