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Conservation and sustainable management of Kenya’s marine and coastal resources.

The overall objective of the project is “biodiversity conserved and livelihood of coastal communities improved through conservation and sustainable management of coastal and marine resources”.

Specific objectives

  1. The socio-economic and bio-physical evidence base for developing and monitoring community-conserved areas is established and maintained
  2. Community based organisations in Shimoni, Majoreni and Vanga are established and strengthened through sustained individual and institutional capacity building
  3. A network of six marine community conserved areas (CCAs) in Shimoni, Majoreni and Vanga are established with management plans in place and operational
  4. Marine and land-based alternative livelihoods identified and promoted and existing livelihoods developed sustainably
  5. Awareness of linkages between sustainably managed coastal marine environment and community well-being enhanced amongst fishers/fishmongers, children, youth and the wider community in Shimoni, Majoreni and Vanga and surrounding areas.

Key activities

  1. Research to establish baselines and monitor the socio-economic and biodiversity within the Shimoni-Vanga area
  2. Community capacity development and finally the establishment of community conserved areas.

The project is still in progress and achievements to date include establishment of a project secretariat to coordinate implementation of project activities, development of partnership agreements between various partners(government and NGOs) involved in the implementation of the project as well as a partners workshop.
The project is still at the inception phase and there are no key challenges except for minor delays in establishing the project secretariat as well as development of the partners agreement.

Supporting development partners include United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)-Darwin Initiative and Fauna and Flora International (FFI)

Current activities


  • Development of an Intergrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Policy to coordinate and harmonize sectoral management of marine and coastal resources ie fisheries, forestry, tourism, physical developments etc
  • Development of an ICZM National Plan of Action
  • Review of the Draft Fisheries Bill on the sustainable management and development of Kenya’s fisheries resources
  • Involved in development of a Marine ornamental fisheries management plan to guide the exploitation and conservation of marine ornamentals ie fish, mollusks etc
  • Advocacy on sustainable utilization of fisheries resources through removal of illegal fishing gears such as the ringnet
  • Development of a Code of Conduct for tourism related water sports activities within Kenya’s territorial waters through the conservation sub-committee of the Mombasa Coast and Tourism Association
  • An assessment of climate change impacts, vulnerability assessments and adaptation/mitigation measures on wetland, marine and coastal resources in East Africa
  • Development of management plans for the Kuruwitu community marine conservation area
  • Establishment of community conservation areas as sites for the conservation and protection of ecological hotspots

Information sharing

  • Provide monthly updates to EAWLS membership through the monthly newsletter on current activities being implemented by the Marine Program
  • Production of posters, brochures to inform stakeholders drawn from the government and local communities on applicable legislations (Beach Management Unit Regulations of 2007)
  • Founder member of the Coordination and Harmonization Group based at the Fisheries Coast Province Headquarters, a forum for sharing information between various partners/players involved in fisheries related project activities in South Coast.


  • Support to the Kuruwitu Community Marine Conservation project (KCOMACP) on annual biodiversity assessment in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Socio-economic survey in seven villages in South coast (Shimoni, Wasini, Mkwiro, Kibuyuni, Majoreni, Vanga and Jimbo)
  • Bio-diversity assessments within the Shimoni-Vanga marine area

Capacity building

  • Support to the constitution of Beach Management Unit within specific project sites (Kuruwitu, Shimoni, Mkwiro, Wasini, Kibuyuni, Majoreni, Jimbo and Vanga)
  • Support to the development of Beach Management Units Training modules for Kenya’s coastal communities
  • Technical support to BMUs in development of By-laws to guide the utilization of marine resources
  • Trainings on sustainable resource management for coastal communities in Kuruwitu and South coast, Kenya
  • Improvement of fish landing sites infrastructure


  • Production of Information, Education and Awareness materials ie T-shirts, posters, brochures etc
  • Community meetings within the specific project sites to raise awareness on sustainable natural resource management