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Conservation in Action
EAWLS runs diverse conservation projects within the following programme areas, which form an integral part of Society projects:
1. Forests and water catchment: We engage local people in developing forest management and conservation practices that will improve the status of the regions forests and increase benefits from them.
2. Marine and coastal areas: With coastal people, we work to ensure that coastal and marine biodiversity is protected and used wisely in order to provide social and economic benefits while maintaining ecological integrity.
3. Wetlands: We support conservation and wise use of wetlands and freshwater ecosystems.
4. Drylands and Biodiversity Conservation: We endeavour to ensure that key elements of dry land ecosystems and biodiversity are brought under appropriate conservation regimes.
5. Conservation Education and Research: Through community initiatives, public discussions and dissemination of educational material we inform the public on conservation issues to help them make informed decisions.
6. Advocacy: Our key strength lies in advocating for environmentally sound policies and legislation in East Africa.

In all its initiative, EAWLS works with local communities, organisations and governments to ensure that conservation of wildlife and the environment is a main component of the development agenda.

The Society started running hands-on projects in the early 1990s. Some of the initiatives are long term and others are one-off activities and may be as short as one-day workshops. Some projects are funded by different donors in phases whereas others are collaborative, involving the Society and other organisations.