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Why Support Us

If you care about wildlife and the natural habitat then you are on the right page. The East African Wild Life society is an organisation dedicated to maintaining and improving one of the most pristine and rich natural resources left on the planet.

As a member of EAWLS you will be part of an organisation that uses its influence, reputation and respected voice to argue for the sound governance of our natural heritage for the benefit of all who live on it, through it and in it.

Support us and you are reinforcing our ability to shape government and regional policies that will affect the landscape and all those on it.

We are the guardians of the raw material of the tourist safari. Whether you are a tourist, tour operator and simply a natural enthusiast, you will benefit from strengthening EAWLS as the Voice of Conservation in East Africa.

Membership also entitles you to four copies a year of SWARA, our serious but accessible quarterly written by a Who’s Who of Conservation.

It also allows you online access to nearly 40 years of SWARA stories. Want to know more about the Hirola? Your EAWLS membership gives you the key to a treasure trove of informed and authoritative writing stretching back decades.

Every two months our editorial team publishes a full-colour newsletter in PDF and online format that keeps you up to date with the latest developments on the conservation battle lines and what our staff and their partners are doing. Click on to your email inbox to learn how our advocacy and field staff working to conserve the East African environment from the Tana Delta to Tarangire and from Nanyuki to Namanga.


Our calendars and Christmas cards are must-have gifts and membership allows you to buy them at discounted prices.


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